When you study the body like we do, innovation is easy.

FreeMotion Fitness was founded in 1999 based on a simple, yet bold observation: One dimensional training doesn't carry over to a three dimensional world, a place where twisting, turning, and moving in all planes is a natural occurrence. This observation resulted in the fitness breakthrough FreeMotion.

We're constantly looking for ways to increase performance and to help make exercise more productive and efficient. And we're able to do this by designing equipment that lets you train the way you move.

Dual Cable Cross

This completely changed the way people exercised by eliminating fixed-path resistance.

Incline Trainer

It burns 5 times more calories, burns more fat and it does it all simply by walking at an incline.

Freemotion Strider

We introduced the concept of 'user-defined' strides, which recruit more muscle, mirrors actual movement patterns and give a total-body workout.

iFit Live

We've developed internet-based fitness and matched it with workouts Powered by Google maps and workouts designed by Jillian Michaels - America's Toughest Trainer.