t8.9b Treadmill


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This compact and versatile sprint interval treadmill is a compact solution for individuals that still want a durable commercial treadmill. Explore the world without leaving the room when you sync your smartphone or tablet, opening up thousands of exciting trainer-led iFit workouts. iFit further immerses you in the interactive experience by controlling the incline, decline, and/or speed of your machine to match the on-screen content.

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0 – 15% incline control

Incline controls make it simple to change the incline to reduce impact on joints, burn more calories, and add workout variety.

0 – 12 MPH speed control

The easy to understand, 1-STEP™ Speed Controls give you instant response and immediate action.

4.0 HP AC commercial drive

This high-torque, brushless AC speed motor is dynamically spin-balanced and extensively tested for superior performance in vibration and noise – making it the performance motor of choice.

Electronic Readouts

On this console, you will see your speed, time, incline, distance, vertical feet, pace, calories burned, calories burned per hour, and heart rate.

Set a Goal Workout Center

Stick to your goals. Enter the planned duration of your workout, how far you want to go, or how many calories you want to burn, and the machine won't stop until you've reached your workout goal.

Preset Programs

  • 4 Weight Loss
  • 4 Heart Rate
  • 4 Speed Interval
  • 2 Race Training
  • 4 Incline
  • Fitness Tests- Army, Navy, USMC, USAF, WFI, Bruce, Gerkin, PEB

Personal Entertainment

Entertainment capabilities make the workout experience even better. Add an optional 15.6 in (39 cm) Personal HDTV Screen.

This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm, including DEHP, a phthalate chemical. – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov